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A major key to a growing business is extending the knowledge of your product to as many consumers as you possibly can. The more a customer knows about your product, the higher the probability of receiving that call or online sale. Customers want to know how your product can fulfill their needs, however your company needs a vehicle that can place that knowledge right in the palm of their hands. Internet ads, TV ads, and Radio ads have great reach but it is difficult to know who receives your message among the billions of other ads and campaigns that are out there. You need the advantage of having your product sample and / or coupons placed in the hands of shopaholics nationwide. Let HFE help you  increase your clientèle.

The typical costs of attending the thousands of trade shows, conferences, and expos can be quite surmountable. These typically include the booth costs, hotels, travels, as well as packaging and advertising costs. Help for Entrepreneurs seeks to curtail these costs due to the fact that they we attend these events at a nominal cost and have deep discounts on travel and attendance. Add to that, we are affiliated with dozens of events throughout the US. These events range from leader conferences, clothing and apparel, Entertainment, arts and crafts, business services, travel and tourism, as well as health and fitness ... and this is just a few categories.


Contact us now to see how you can affordably become a part of our coupon and sampling itinerary that turns your customers into winners.





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