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Updated: Feb 24

What is important in your introductory to potential investors is your ability to articulate the uniqueness of the product that you are presenting to the public. Having a precise plan of actionable objectives outlined in an Executive Summary gives your potential investors a bird’s eyes glimpse of what your full presentation will entail. Send a Cover Letter and Executive Summary to all of the potential investors that may be interest in your industry field of business. Present it much as you would a resume to your potential employer.

Points to include are:

What you will offer

Summary of Actions already taken

Management Team

The Problem

The Solution

The Market

Customer Type

Your Strategy

Business Model

The Competition

Your Advantage

A Funding Strategy that explains the amount needed

2 Years Historical Income / Expense

2 Years Projected Income / Expense

All of this should be on one page so that you are not taking up too much of your potential investors time. However, make certain that your actual business plan or proposal goes into full details of all the points documented in your executive summary. Whether you are doing a face-to-face presentation or PowerPoint to present online or in person, the executive summary displays how you think and organize your business efforts increasing your chances of getting that “second interview.”

Christine YS Malone

HFE Founder


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